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Effective, innovative and contemporary.


Waproo Platinum offer the ultimate in waterproofing and cleaning technology. Waproo’s shoe care essentials are highly effective, innovative technology.

Our Rapid Drying Water Repellents, Suede and Nubuck Shampoo and Luxury Leather Cream are some of our best selling products. The innovative formulas make cleaning, nourishing and protecting your leather dreamy and luxurious.  



Waproo has developed the best sneaker range, to keep your sneakers immaculate. Our invisible hydrophobic sneaker formulas clean and protect. The Eco Ultimate Sneaker Protector uses the world’s most advanced sneaker protection formula, forming a breathable protective layer which repelling moisture, dirt and oil. Magic.

Waproo’s Rapid Dry Ultimate Sneaker Protector dries lightning fast and is 100% transparent. Our sneaker wipes are highly effective, multi-purpose and antibacterial. All you need to clean on the go and keep your sneakers sublimely clean.



Waproo’s luxury leather range guarantees an impeccable appearance as well as comfort. Premium shoe polishes and creams are accompanied with buffing and polishing brushes and polishing cloths, so you have the perfect professional shine. Our high quality shoe inserts and insoles will ensure your shoe fits exactly. This excellent range, showcases products which have been refined by the very best shoe chemists with one aim: to increase the longevity of your leather goods with the revolutionary formulas which act to clean, nourish and protect.